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30-September-2018 0:00
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I'm very excited to be writing this - the first ever Write Example blog post; it's been a long time coming! Thanks for taking a look. Since first being inspired to use modelling texts as a mainstay of my literacy teaching, I've wanted to create a bank of quality texts for schools and families to use - delivering differentiated examples of grammar and punctuation (meeting curriculum requirements) without sacrificing purpose, engagement or creativity.

Throughout my teaching career, I was often faced with a class of struggling, not-very-confident writers. I really believed that these children could be helped, that it was possible for them to enjoy writing; but I didn't know how to unlock their confidence or cement their skills. Gradually, I gathered a decent selection of techniques; however, nothing had the impact that I was hoping for - until I began using example texts regularly.

It quickly became clear that the quality of the writing produced by the children was closely linked to the quality of the example text used (unless an 'improve-me' text was being used for a specific purpose). So, over the years, myself and other Write-Examplers have clocked up countless hours writing, tweaking, editing, formatting and cross-referencing until we've collected a bank of intial texts good enough to share. There's been a tonne of unexpected challenges, but the knowledge of what amazing progress and growth in confidence children can demonstrate when they're learning with a good example text has kept the cogs turning. 

Covering fiction, non-fiction and non-narrative fiction, we've organised texts into 12 text types and presented them in real-life style formats where it make sense to do so. Texts are written to meet 2014 English National Curriculum objectives from Years 1 - 6, with some titles differentiated across year groups. Currently, our titles range from information about the volcanos to reviews of magical items of clothing to traditional tales set in Space. 

'What does powerful, effective writing look like?' is a question we're always asking - so the Write Example supporting resources have been desiged to focus on text appreciation, evaluation, analysis, and review.

And, there's plenty more to come - the aim is to keep the Write Example text machine rolling and continue growing our bank of texts as fast as our fingers will allow. In the meantime, we'd would love to hear any feedback, ideas or thoughts: contact us here. We want to grow in a direction that best serves teachers and learners, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. Also, to get us off the starting blocks, we're offering a discounted 'early bird' membership rate.

To find out more (including free examples) check out or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for tips, giveaways, resources, recommendations and reviews.

Hoping you enjoy :)

Carolyn from Write Example