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"It’s refreshing to find a teaching resource which doesn’t look generic. Some of these texts really model writing for purpose in that they could be an actual advertising poster, information leaflet or newspaper report. My class loved the Humpty Dumpty news report and from it they produced some of their best writing this year. "

Rob Coates, Teacher, Year 3

"These example texts have saved me hours. I enjoy writing my own example texts for my Year 5 class, but it takes so long to create a text which contains all the necessary grammar examples, is engaging for the kids and looks attractive – and then do differentiated versions too. Now I've got that bit extra time to spend on planning, marking, resourcing, worrying..etc! "

Sarah Jacobs, Teacher, Year 5

"As a parent of three boys, I can see how the texts are appropriate to each child’s age. My children really enjoyed reading them and started writing their own versions - for fun! The texts were funnier than I was expecting, and I learned a lot of new facts too!"

Layla West, Parent

"I think this text is very interesting, has perfect grammar and has lots of good facts. I especially liked the banana distribution leaflet. Also, the stories are in very good detail and have lots of description. "

Vinnie, Age 8

"The website was extremely informative and is a great resource for helping teach kids. It has a variety of different topics, ranging from Shakespeare to volcanos. Personally, I enjoyed reading these reports and the punctuation within the writing helped me with my work. It’s very easy to use and lots of different age groups can read this, making the website even better! All the non-fictional reports teach something new and interesting. A lot of great conversations could be sparked in my class. To add more fun, the fictional texts include great descriptive words, and are exciting to read. The writing increases in difficulty as you get older which is really helpful. Honestly, this is an amazing website that includes various opportunities for fun learning. "

Ivan, Age 10

"We’ve only been using Write Example texts for a few weeks, but my class are already using them as a reference resource for grammar and text type styles. The texts work very well with independent editing stations. I’ve definitely seen an improvement in the quality of their work. "

Christine Howard, Teacher, Year 6

"My kids devour books, so they love this site. They’re particularly enjoying all the different styles. Keep them coming please. "

Aaliyah Mitchell, Parent