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Learning with example texts can help children build their writing confidence as well as a 'writing tool kit' for life - leading to improved grammar skills, increased creativity, measurable progress and - often - happier writers. 

Write Example texts can help children develop as writers by providing...

  • a trusted reference source for applied grammar, punctuation and language.
  • differentiated texts - supporting children through their next learning step.
  • a range of writing styles – modelling writing for purpose, pleasure and audience.
  • content to learn from, build upon or be inspired by.
  • texts which model writing for purpose and enjoyment.
  • examples of finished pieces written at a level which the child can aspire to.

'The road to learning by precept is long, but by example is short and effective.' Seneca the Elder

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Our aim for every Write Example text is to balance National Curriculum requirements alongside creativity, purpose and enjoyment - creating models of writing which will help children progress along their own writing journey.

Write Example members receive...

National Curriculum linked texts - non-fiction, fiction, and non-narrative fiction

Examples of 12 text types: narrative / chronological report and recount / description / review / non-chronological report (information) / explanation / instruction / biography / autobiography / persuasion / compare and contrast / debate and discussion - in a range of real-life style and plain text formats using an easy-to-read precursive font

Texts written for Years 1-6 with select titles differentiated across more than one year group

Topics taken from the National Curriculum as well as a range of imaginative titles

Resources which develop children’s creative, analysis, evaluation and review skills

Who are we?

Write Example are a small group of teachers, book lovers, writers, pedants and creatives who are passionate about English language and literature for children. We see our members as part of the Write Example team too, so if you have any thoughts, ideas or feedback please don't hesitate to get in touch. Contact us here